Car Draw

Members Only Car Draw – “Drive away a winner!”

Letterkenny Credit Union are delighted to provide a members only car draw.


Rules & Conditions

1. The draw will commence in December ‘07 and will continue quarterly thereafter until the Board of Directors of Letterkenny Credit Union Limited (hereafter called the Board of Directors) deem otherwise.

2. The entrance fee of €25 per annum per member will be deducted in advance from savings or as defined from time to time by the Board of Directors. This will be an annual deduction.

3. The make and type of car will be at sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Cash will not be given in lieu.

4. The Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers of Letterkenny Credit Union Limited will not be liable for any defects, or otherwise found in a vehicle supplied.

5. Participation in the draw is limited to eligible members of Letterkenny Credit Union Limited and they must be over 18 on or before the draw date.

6. Winning members will be notified personally.

7. All draws will be held publicly in the Credit Union offices or any adverised venue under the supervision of at least one of the Supervisory Committee and one of the Board of Directors.

8. Entry will be limited to ONE person per account.

9. A register of entrants will be maintained at the Credit Union offices.

10. Membership of the draw must be completed prior to participation and no entry is valid unless full fees are paid and credited in advance before Draw 1 in any particular year..

11. Financial accounts at each year end will be audited by the auditor and presented at the A.G.M.

12. The draw will be non-profit making and any surplus funds will be disposed of by way of extra draws.

13. All eligible members can elect to participate in the draw ONLY if the written authorisation is received or delivered to the Credit Union offices at commencement stage OR subsequently at the beginning of each financial year (i.e. October), OR any time the Board deem appropriate. Members who do not wish to remain in the draw must notify the Credit Union in writing of their intention.

14. In the event that the winning member is a person who is in arrears or in default in carrying out any financial commitment or obligation to the Credit Union the Board of Directors may make a decision to withhold delivery of the prize won by the member until the arrears have been paid or the default has been rectified. Such decision of the Board of Directors will be notified in writing to such member and if within seven days of the member being notified, he/she has failed to comply with the requirements of the Board of Directors in relation to such arrears or default, they shall be entitled to sell or otherwise dispose of the prize at the best available price (which will not necessarily comprise the list or garage selling price of the car) and pay over to the winning member the net proceeds after deducting any such arrears or paying any monies required to remedy such default. Notice of such decision can be made by delivering same to the member personally or by posting same to him/her by registered post in which case the date of receipt will be deemed to be two working days after the date of posting.

15. The decision of the Board of Directors of Letterkenny Credit Union Limited concerning the foregoing rules or any matter arising from the monthly draw will be final and not subject to appeal.

So call to our office today and register!!

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