Security Hub

Security Hub

We continue to ask members to remain vigilant and be ‘scam aware’.

You are in the right place to find information and tips to help you stay safe online.


Tips to avoid scam messages

  • Stop and think!
  • Educate yourself about online security
  • Check for misspelling, unusual links or unfamiliar sender email addresses
  • Watch out for urgent requests requesting immediate action

LKCU will never

  • Call, email or text you asking for your bank account or card details, user ID, PIN number or internet password
  • Charge you a fee by SMS or email

What you should do

  • Do not respond to unsolicited messages
  • Never click on links in these messages
  • Do not give your personal details like name, emails or debit card information

Security FAQ’s

What should I do if I have clicked on a link?

If you think you have been a target of phishing or have visited a phishing site and provided your banking details, contact your bank or service provider immediately.

Will LKCU send an SMS or email message about my account?

We will attempt to send you an SMS and/or email address if we are unable to contact you by phone. These details will be used to update you on various details of your account.

LKCU will never send a link requesting payment for anything via email or SMS.

We may send you SMS messages from us, the SMS will come from LETTERKCU. You provide us with your mobile number so that we can contact you to tell you:

  • Your membership application status.
  • Your loan application status.
  • If you are a prize winner in our annual Members Draw.
  • If your account is due to go dormant.
  • If we have been unable to contact you by telephone and require you to contact the office.
  • Our Loans team send a variety of SMS messages relating to loan applications.

We may send you an email from us. You provide us with your email address so that we can contact you to tell you:

  • Your membership application status.
  • Your loan application status.
  • If we require additional information to support your loan application.
  • That we have a member survey.

These SMS and emails may contain links to our website or Survey Monkey.

Genuine email accounts that we will contact you using are:


Our Telephone number is 074 91 24166

How can I contact the LKCU Team to check if a message is genuine?

Our Member Service Teams are available to speak with you Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and on Saturday 9am-1pm.

Find out more about how to contact us.