Member Notification: Be Fraud Aware

Dear Member,


Criminals may attempt to contact you by text, email, and phone pretending to be from your Credit Union or Banks or organisations such as An Post and Amazon attempting to gain access to your MYCU Debit card details to perform fraudulent debit card transactions on your MYCU current account.


False Text Messages


Our dedicated MYCU Card Services team uses text messages to communicate with our members if they are querying a suspicious transaction on your MYCU account


These texts will NEVER contain a link asking you to disclose your MYCU Debit Card details, but you will be asked to ring the MYCU Card Services Team on +353 (1) 511 94 94 – the number on the back of the card.


The MYCU Card Services Team may also send you a text containing a reminder of your PIN, but ONLY if you have asked them to send it to you and they will only send it to the mobile phone on your credit union account.


False Phone Calls


Criminals may contact you by phone numbers making it appear that the Credit Union is calling you. We will NEVER call you asking for your MYCU Debit Card details.


Anyone can be the target of financial fraud and scams, and at any time. Your best defence is to stay informed, alert, and secure. To protect your MYCU current account from fraud, please remember:

  • Never give your MYCU Debit Card number to anyone unless you are performing a transaction with a retailer you trust and instigated.
  • Never respond to an email or text asking for your MYCU Debit Card number.
  • Always keep your MYCU Debit Card in a safe place. Report it to us or the MYCU Card Services Team immediately if it is lost or stolen.
  • Keep your PIN safe. Do not write it down, keep it with your card or give it to anyone. We or our MYCU Card Services Team will never ask you to disclose your PIN.
  • Cover your PIN when making in-store purchases or using an ATM. Use your free hand or your wallet to shield the PIN pad as you enter it.
  • Keep your MYCU Debit Card in sight when paying for goods or services. If the till is not nearby, go with the staff member to make the payment.
  • Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks are hotspots for fraudsters – use 4G when shopping or banking online.

If your MYCU Debit Card is lost, stolen, compromised or you notice a suspicious debit card transaction on your account, contact the MYCU Card Services Team on +353 (1) 511 94 94 immediately.


For further information to protect yourself against fraud, visit website or refer to