Blog – Why I Volunteer


Name:                                Tina Garry


Member since:                  1994


Volunteer since:               2020


The decision to volunteer with Letterkenny Credit Union was an easy one!

As a long-term member and long-term admirer of the ethos behind the credit union movement, I relished the opportunity to volunteer here. John Hume, one of the driving forces behind the movement in Ireland, is a personal hero of mine and indeed, my own father spent twenty-seven years volunteering in this credit union, so it felt like the right thing to do!

Having begun volunteering during lockdown, my first series of meetings were held online, however, it is wonderful to be back in the boardroom again and to work through issues with the board in person on the third Monday night of every month.

Speaking of the board, we are an eclectic bunch!

There is a mix of ages and levels of experience and while the learning curve is often steep, help is always at hand.  Statutory training that board members undergo annually is thorough but valuable, especially for areas like Ethics, Money-Laundering and GDPR. However, while volunteering can be challenging, there is a generous network of support here and an opportunity to work on many teams with many staff members, all of whom are enthusiastic and supportive. Indeed, there is a real sense of community, collaboration and collegiality among the group at all times. When you have a group of people with a shared aim, that Letterkenny Credit Union be the best it can be for its members, the outcome can only be positive.

In my first year on the board,  I was a member of the Loans and the Nomination Committees, on which, I held the role of secretary. The work on this committee involved encouraging and vetting new volunteers, a number of whom have taken positions on this year’s board. This year, I am on the Marketing and Donations Committee and have been entrusted with the position of Secretary of the Board following in the experienced footsteps of long-time board members like Mary Forde, Jimmy Gleeson, John Curran to name a few. I’m still on the Loans Committee and to oversee the launch of our new mortgage product has been so exciting.

If you are considering volunteering, do!                                    Volunteering with LKCU

As well as being great experience, valuable CPD and opportunity to give back to your local community, it’s good fun. Don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the board if you feel that you too could benefit from volunteering with us for a few hours every week!