Online Access Explained

Online Access to your account

This page was designed to explain the log in process for CUOnline+ (via our website) and CUMobile (the mobile app).

What you need

Members must retain the following 3 items.






Created by member at Registration Created by member at Registration Issued by SMS once Registration is approved
Can only consist of letters and numbers Minimum 8 character in length Minimum 8 numbers in length

Logging In Options

There are 3 options available for authenticating your log in. Depending on the phone you use, you can set up quick log in options like Biometric (fingerprint) or Facial Scan. Alternatively, at each log in you will be prompted to generate a single use passcode (OTP) to complete access.



Use your finger print to log in Use facial scan to log in Get a new single use code issued each time you log in

Difficulty Logging In

We recommend all user of our online facilities to set up a Memorable Word. This is a secret word that you can use to retrieve your Username or reset your Password and get access your account.

Forgot Username Forgot Password

How to set your Memorable Word

When logged into the app, go to Personal Details and then Security Details.

Scroll down to Update Your Memorable Word and enter your secret word here, then click Update Memorable Word to save your changes.

If you forget your username or password, then you can retrieve the Username & reset the Password again with the help of this Memorable Word.

Just make it memorable! 😊

Locked Out

If you have managed to get locked out of the app then email and request reactivation.

Changing Security Details

Members can change their Password and PIN to something easier to remember. When logged into the app, go to Personal Details and then Security Details.