Apply for a Loan

We will have a full Online Loan Application available soon, but in the meantime use these 2 simple steps to apply electronically!

Download the Loan Application Form here, print-off & complete.

Ensure all sections are signed (these are highlighted in red).

Page 3 requires 2 signatures only [for the Repayment Protection Insurance section sign one side only, either Opt In or Opt Out].

Page 6 requires 2 signatures.

Click here for assistance with completing your loan application form.

Scan the application form to, along with a scanned copy of the following:

  • Photo Id
  • Evidence of Address (dated within last 6 months)
  • Proof of PPSN – This can be a P60, revenue letter, or payslip.
  • 1 recent payslip or social welfare receipt
  • 3 month current bank statement dated within the last 8 weeks (your name, address and bank account number must be evident on the bank statement provided)
  • if self-employed, your most recent tax assessment

Important:  Loan applications will not be reviewed until full supporting documentation is supplied.

Or alternatively, you can drop or post them into our office. If this is an application on a joint account, remember to have the second named person complete a Guarantor Application and supply their supporting documentation.